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Palace Hotel & Spa Monte Rio

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Andrea T
Lovely hotel and spa,staff always happy to help and with a smile on their faces .Very clean hotel,amazing swimming pool and spa.fantastic full body massage! Superb breakfast. Definitely will comeback next year with family again!Thanks very much for everything!🇵🇹☀️wonderful wines
Room was clean but uncomfortably hot and bed was very hard and pillows very uncomfortable. Climatization did not make any difference to the room temperature. Internet was very poor - struggling to get over 1mbps . Ample outside parking at the hotel . The room was almost a carbon copy of all the other hotels in this chain we have stayed at. The dinner menu was very limited so we went out to a local restaurant within walking distance. We were asked to have Breakfast in our room as the restaurant was being setup for an event. We were ok with that but not our first choice. Breakfast was was quite good and lots of choice. Spa is expensive 20 euro + per person (including guests) to us etc pool for 1 hour - so we did not bother.
I stayed here with my boyfriend for one night. It was a pleaseant night but we can not rate the hotel 4 stars. Arrived around midday and asked when could we do the check in. They said we could check in around 2pm. I asked if I could pay and get everything sorted and then around 2pm I would pick up the key. They said I should do everything at 2. Not a problem... went for lunch and came back at 2.20pm to find the reception full and we had to wait for quite a long time as there was only one receptionist, and bless her... she was doing her best!!! The room was ok, I booked a double bed and got two single beds pushed together. Didn´t bother to ask to change as it was only one night and the reception lady was so busy. The pool was ok, it's strange that you have to stay in.. the car…
Laura B
I've been careful about how I wrote this, as I do not intend to unfairly slur or critique a hotel. I know that reviews are important for business, and that a poor one may negatively impact the hotel, but after the experience I've just had I feel it necessary. We arrived at the hotel late on Tuesday evening, and were greeted by a receptionist with very little English (understandable as its a foreign country but part of the hotel's description includes English speaking staff). The receptionist told us that our price did not include the pool. I told her we wouldn't be using the indoor pool as there is an outdoor pool (clearly advertised on Booking.com). The receptionist told us that the outdoor pool was unavailable (no reason given) and told us if we wantes the indoor pool it…
- big room, very dated - awfull pillows (1 had even blood remains), so cleaning is not a forte as we had to wait untill 16h and 2 recepcion calls after to get our room cleaned. - lacking maitenance in the electrical instalation having loose wires in the corridor, plugs not working, and sensor lights disconnected. Shower Was good in the 80’s (hasn’t being changed since), no amenietis - Water circuit is payed separatly, as well for a poor buffet restaurant - in short: 80€ is too pricy for What they offer - This is a 3-star pension and not a 4-star hotel
Stayed here with a group of motor enthusiasts overnight only Very glad not booked into what is advertised as a four star hotel for more than one night This hotel is very tired looking. The corridors to the rooms are long and VERY dark. Automatic lights failed to come on, when walking through. Our bathroom was very large, but the layout wasted a great deal of space, hence the bath was very small! I’m 5’ 5” and no way could I lay out and soak. Food was “ok” buffet style, which is very acceptable but when it’s lacking in flavour and over cooked, it’s very disappointing. I can only assume management do not treat their staff very well. None of the staff smiled or greeted you in anyway especially in the restaurant - manners and a smile cost nothing Spa was all locked up when…
a friend of mine stayed in this hotel with her husband as a inclusive tour from Portugal and found out that the all 1-floor was not cleaned because the lack of available cleaning maids,but was was surprising was the owner authority to actually make the beds with the same old dirty sheets and pillows from the night before and especially the towels from the bathroom were indeed the same old wet ones used the night before from other costumers.the all floor was full of guests with the same problem.the glasses were filthy and the owner from the hotel did authorized this insane adventure of ilegal practicalities in concern of hygiene.this was in fact in the summer of 2009 when in fact swine flu was very predominant.they also refused to present the complaint book. --
Palace Hotel & Spa Monte Rio