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Cashback 20%.
We give your money back
while you are travelling around Russia

If you pay by «MIR» card from 15,October till 5,December 2020
Travel time:from 15,October till 10,January 2021
Travel conditions:from 2 nights without cost limit
Choose your dream holiday
How does it work?
Register your
«MIR» card in the Loyality Program
Your card must be registered in the Loyalty Program of the «MIR» Payment System. You can doit here
Pay for the booking with
the «MIR» card on our website
The promo action is valid for travel only
around Russia when booking a trip from 15, October
till 5, December 2020
Get the cashback on your
«MIR» card
The Cashback will be proceeded
up to 5 working days from the date of the payment
Pay the bookings with «MIR» card and get a cashback
20% of the total cost.
Before the payment, please check, if your card is submitted to
loyalty program of «MIR» payment system.
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Detailed information on promotion rules
What is the cashback?
Cashback is a type of bonus program where the service not just lowers the price but refunds the cardholder's account a percentage of the sum spent on purchases. Cashback— It's a real money: money are paid on bank card.
It is important to know that activation of such online purchase refunds does not contradict other discounts, deals and promotions.
Promotion rules
The booking must be paid only during promotion time: from 15, October till 5, December 2020. The trip should be completed before 10,January 2021.
The minimum travel time starts from 2 nights.
The maximum limit on cashback: 20 000 rubles per one transaction via «MIR» card. The number of transactions is unlimited.
Cardholders of the «MIR» cards can take part in promo action. Before the payment, the mandatory card registration is required in Loyality program of the «MIR» payment system.
The full amount of the booking should be paid at once.
The promo campaign is active for trips all over Russia
The payment is proceeded online via oficial website by using the «MIR» payment card.
If you cancel the booking, a cancellation will be processed. The cost of the booking is refunded only by a non-cash payment to the «MIR» card, on which payment was made.
According to the Loyality program conditions, the cashback for the booking should be also refunded in full amount. The full amount of the refund will be automatically deducted from your credit card.
Please contact our team for details.